Email-buttonLast week’s post regarding our Bradley-Covington crossover point came down to one specific element – A Cousin Connection.  In case you missed it you can read that entry here:

“The Link That Locks The Lines”

I’m in New York, the folks in this tree are almost entirely Deep South. I get home so seldom I am loath to give up any of my visiting time to research. Which means most of this work is done on the internet. Texas is pretty good for records online, Louisiana is fair and Mississippi is downright awful. I rely heavily on those kind souls who are seeking their place in our shared heritage to tell me their stories. Sherry Rhodes was not the only cousin to reach out to me through this site in April.

Kim Parker, who also decends from the Tolbert Bradley line, was kind enough to share information regarding her little piece of our tree. You wont notice the additional information much as the folks she updated me on are living. But to me, her information was invaluable. Names, dates, places, parent-child relationships…all things I might not have discovered for years on my own.

Armed with new information and fresh motivation I’ll be installing an updated database this week. I’ll also be rejoining the Wordless Wednesday blog prompt with more unidentified photos.

My most sincere thanks to those who contribute. Without you, this site wouldn’t exist.

Rorey Cathcart

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