I began my personal research journey back in 1998. I started as many do, with a few simple data points on my husband’s family in an Ancestry.com tree. I was hooked. Over the years, as online resources proliferated, my research continued to expand. I began helping others on Ancestry.com connected to my family tree. A 2004 move from California to New York put me a little closer to our growing geographical history. Being on the East Coast allowed me the opportunity to travel to research centers associated with our family. I become more confident and experienced in my repository work, expanding our lineage.

As our tree continued to grow I found myself limited in my ability to share what I had learned with those not on Ancestry.com. In 2010 I began hosting my first version of I Hope To Speed. I met many amazing cousins through the original site but it had it’s limitations. My husband’s lines were dominating the site. I also wanted a better feedback system and the ability to really talk to others about my research. As the modifications to the database software improved to allow seamless integration with a WordPress platform I knew it was time to start blogging. Splitting my family off to its own website led to a sister site at Lore, Legends and Lies.

Both sites have undergone multiple major changes as I’ve toyed with different database and tree building options. Alas, I’ve decided to take both sites down to the essentials the WordPress can support internally. Under the “Family” tab you find a page per individual covering their timeline, sources, research notes and eventually, a biography. The blog will be reserved for stories, sharing unidentified photos and what not.

Thanks for being here and checking out my work. I look forward to hearing from you.

Rorey Cathcart

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