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Wordless Wednesday – Unidentified Photo #1

Featuring unidentified photos in our collections. Photograph of Unknown Shivers Kin, Shivers Family Photos; privately held R. A. Cathcart, Highland Mills, New York, 2011. This 3.5x4.5 trimmed photograph is printed on postcard ready paper. Handwriting on the reverse...

Thanksgiving at Mamaw’s House

Thanksgiving at Mamaw’s House

Thanksgiving is my favorite holiday. I love to cook. But as a kid, what I loved the most was the eating! While living in Louisiana, Thanksgiving was always at Mamaw Shivers’ house (pictured). I still marvel today she put out the spread she did – potluck aside – from...

New Database Upload

New Database Upload

Today I've uploaded the most current Cassity-Shivers database here at Lore, Legends & Lies. I have finally settled on RootsMagic5 as our primary database platform. I hope you'll be pleased with the additional functionality this platform will provide. At this time...

Cassity, Shivers Genealogy – Where We’re Headed

Cassity, Shivers Genealogy – Where We’re Headed

First, let me say a great, big “thanks” to all of you for finding us in our new home. This particular site will remain in a state of flux for some time to come but I wanted to let you in on the plan. Our original website,, will become the...

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