Over the last many years I have become increasingly scroogie this time of year. It has all become so commercial. People buy gifts off a check list rather than be thoughtful or insightful. It’s a chore to decorate, a duty to shop, a pain to wrap. It’s expensive. You end up with a bunch of stuff you could mostly live without.  It got so bad a couple of years ago that I virtually boycotted the whole thing. I even refused to buy a tree. Grump, grouse, grumble.

But somehow, this year has been different. Hubby took care of most our Christmas cards which we got out on time this year. The shopping is virtually done. It’s our grandbaby’s first Christmas. On Saturday we had a lovely get together with close friends. Yesterday, we decorated our tree.

Which brings me to the purpose of this post. While most of my Genea-Friends are blog caroling, Christmas music is where I stand firm in my scrooginess. So instead, I thought I’d share with you my favorite ornament. My son made it. I don’t remember when exactly. We call it Frankenstein. Our tree will never be complete without it.


Merry Christmas

Rorey Cathcart

Copyright (c) 17 December 2012