I’m struggling.

I have so many story ideas for this site yet I cannot get them to paper. As I work to bring the Cassity/Shivers database up to the Genealogical Proof Standard I continue to review the evidence. This always leads me to ask new questions. And I am emotionally stopped in my tracks. It usually starts with the little phrase “Did you know…”, because I should know – but I don’t. It breaks my heart and fills me with regret.

So I will continue working on the database, bringing our research lines up to standard. I will continue posting our unidentified photos on Wordless Wednesday in the hopes you may recognize them. And maybe, as my work moves beyond my father and grandparents I will find my voice again. These are our people. I want to tell their stories.

Until then, I’ve added a sticky post to the top of the blog page. Tell me your memories, skepticisms or curiosities.  What is your favorite family lore, legend or lie? I hope you will please consider contributing to The Stories We Want Told

As always, I appreciate your support.