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Cassity, Shivers Genealogy – Where We’re Headed

Cassity, Shivers Genealogy – Where We’re Headed

First, let me say a great, big “thanks” to all of you for finding us in our new home. This particular site will remain in a state of flux for some time to come but I wanted to let you in on the plan.

Our original website,, will become the exclusive home of the Cathcart-McDonnell lines.  Lore, Legends and Lies will eventually be dedicated to the Cassity-Shivers lines. Our original, joint database and media will be temporarily housed here at Lore until I can complete an overhaul of the Cathcart-McDonnell lines. Once that overhaul is complete I will remove the Cathcart-McDonnell lines off this site to focus solely on our Cassity-Shivers families.

Research-wise, we are not as fortunate as the Cathcart family. Our history is so frequently oral tradition – hence the name of the site – without any physical evidence to back it up. Much of that discrepancy can be attributed to the lack of available resources online for the southern states. There are traditional physical sources of evidence to be found but you need to be local to get it and I’m currently stuck in New York.  On the other hand, The Civil War also decimated many a courthouse and statehouse – some records are simply gone. So I will do the best I can with the resources available. When I begin the process of overhauling the independent Cassity-Shivers genealogy, I will clearly spell out via the sources what information is proven and what is inferred or speculated. You’ll be better able to judge for yourself where the research stands and whether it is reliable to use in your own family tree.

On the media front, in the last two years I have been very fortunate to receive some amazing photo collections on the Shivers, Cassity and Flowers lines. Look for these new images to be added to the Genealogy database even before I revamp the research. I will also be conducting surname studies of both the Cassity and Shivers lines to attempt to connect the cousins and advance these families beyond their current brick walls. Your contributions of stories, photos, documents or leads have made a tremendous difference to our research in the past. I hope you will consider working with us again in our new home.
I sincerely appreciate your patience,

Rorey Cathcart
Copyright (c) 18 June 2012