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I thought I’d take a moment to update you on why Lore has been on hiatus for awhile.

I feel the site has turned out beautifully overall. Hopefully you find it pleasant to look at, easy to navigate and most of all, useful. Unfortunately, the TNG(database)+Wordpress(blog) integration simply hasn’t worked as anticipated. Only the blog half of the equation has been properly indexing in Google. This limits the ability of newcomers and fellow researchers to find us here. On the web, if people can’t find you, you might as well not exist. For a few short weeks more we are trying to make the existing site work. If we are unsuccessful we might try a less elegant work around. Ultimately though, the database is the essential element of the site. If I have to, I will revert to a database-only set up. Thank you for sticking it out with me.

I’ve uploaded a new, work-in-progress database today to give you a feel for how an individual’s timeline and source citations are changing.


There are some odd issues with timelines I’m searching for work arounds on. In some instances, burial sorts before death. Any notes associated with a death event are automatically labeled as the cause of death. Most frustrating to me, marriages do not show up as an event within the timeline but rather are solely in the family segments after the timeline. I’ll continue to play around with solutions.


  • By the Genealogical Proof Standard, RootsMagic allows me to define for each asserted fact whether the source is original or derivative, the information is primary or secondary and the evidence is direct or indirect. However, this Quality Rating feature translates in gedcom to TNG as a Reliability Scale of 1-3. That 1-3 scale really isn’t very informative to you, the reader.
  • The new citation style is currently preceded by an asterisk (*) to help you differentiate between the old generated citations and the new, corrected citations. This mix of old and new will persist for some time to come. It’s a large database with much correction work yet to do.
  • Some citations will start with generic category words such as *Burial. Louisiana. This is a product of how I organize my sources within RootsMagic. If you are interested in lifting a citation but aren’t sure how much of it is relevant, please email me. I’d be happy to clarify for you.
  • In addition to the homepage links within a citation, I have tried to include direct links. These will be preceded by either $$$$ or FREE so that you may know in advance if the links take you to a subscription service.


While I work to clean up citations and research for each individual within our database, I am simultaneously adding them to a clean version of the database. When I’ve reached a critical point of correction on the major lines I’ll switch to uploading only that clean database. This is the best, easiest way to deal with the many problems associated with the original download. It will eliminate the stray media links, unused/incorrect source citations and the many stray notes that I can never really quite seem to delete.

As part of that clean database, I’ve decided to eliminate from upload all contemporary generations. By way of example: my grandfather Preston Shivers, my grandmother, aunts and uncles will be included (with the living properly privatized). The spouses and children of my aunts and uncles will no longer be included. These contemporary generations, living or deceased, will be updated in a separate database off the web. I believe this adjustment is the best solution to both keeping track of these generations for myself and protecting their privacy. How – and when – those folks will filter back into the primary database is yet to be determined.

If you’d like to see some of these changes to the timeline and citations in action see any of the following individuals:

Charles Gordon Cassity, Jr., Leamon Carl Shivers, Charles Gordon Cassity, Sr. or Preston David Shivers.

Copyright (c) 10 March 2013, Rorey Cathcart

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